V Hart Equestrian

V Hart Equestrian is a Raleigh–based equestrian business focusing on training and lessons. We strive to promote our core values of compassion, confidence, and integrity through well practiced horsemanship.  If you are looking for a more personalized approach to horse education, then you have come to the right place. We are interested in learning about you and your horse, and are committed to making this the best learning experience possible for you both. RamboHere at V Hart Equestrian, we do not believe in applying a one size fits all method on either our horses or our students.  We intend to develop a training program that is specifically catered to you and your horse, which includes figuring out how you learn best and adapting our skill sets to achieve this.  After all, you are why we teach! While our training principles are deeply rooted in dressage, we cater to clients seeking to communicate with and better understand their horse, no matter the discipline. If you are a trail rider looking to develop better balance and a happier horse – If you are a dressage rider wanting to bring out the best in your horse, but have some fear or tension you can’t seem to shake – If you have a breed that might be seen as “unusual” in the dressage ring, but want to learn in a drama free environment – then we are the trainer for you! We operate under the premise that a student’s learning process is important no matter the price tag on their horse, the type of saddle they use, or what brand of breeches they ride in. If you have a thirst for learning, and a great attitude, we are happy to be at your service.

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